Quick note about Dell PowerConnect Switches (54xx series)

I’ve been having headaches over an issue with Dell PowerConnect switches not letting me change an access port vlan from 1 to another VLAN. The error I kept getting was something along the lines of “Cannot add VLAN to Unauthenticated Port.” It turns out the problem was that by default the switch makes every port a member of dot1x, even though the web gui said it wasn’t. From the CLI, I had to do the following:

interface range vlan 50
no dot1x auth-not-req

And repeat for all VLAN’s.
As for one last note, the Dell documentation wasn’t too clear about how to enable SSH, so assuming that you have Telnet already working, all you have to do is add the following lines:

crypto key gen¬er¬ate rsa
ip ssh server

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